Humans of Greaves

There are many humans around us doing heroic and extraordinary things in their daily lives without even looking for the spotlight. These are the humans that we need to speak about. Why, you wonder? The simple answer is because they are the ones who inspire us. Inspiration is a powerful and contagious weapon. It awakens us to new possibilities. It allows us to go beyond our ordinary experiences and limitations. It propels us to transform the way we look at our own capabilities and change the way we make our life decisions.
At Greaves Cotton, we are privileged to have such valuable assets who have not only contributed to the organization for years but also added value to it. These assets are individuals who serve as a heroic inspiration and have stories just waiting to be told. Peter Capaldi, a famous Scottish actor, writer, director and singer has quoted, “Real heroes are all around us and uncelebrated” and we couldn’t agree more! These individuals need to be celebrated. This need has given birth to Humans of Greaves. It is an ode to all those individuals who have broken the shackles of norms, defied stereotypes, challenged conventions, be it social, financial, physical, emotional, and emerged winners because of their indomitable spirits and ‘never-give-up’ attitude. These individuals are employees who come from various functions across Greaves and diverse backgrounds. However, what unites these individuals in this series is their passion and zeal to achieve their goals and aspirations. All of them have left an indelible imprint in our minds and played a crucial role in building and shaping Greaves.
Humans of Greaves intends to showcase fascinating and previously untold stories of these people, putting the much-needed spotlight on them. The series will cover stories about life, about various moments, about turbulences & triumphs, about commitment, and camaraderie, about challenges & privileges, about the human spirit in every critical minute, about recognition & celebration, about progression & emotion. We firmly believe that heroes create heroes. Humans of Greaves strives to be a reminder for all of us, about what we can be if we set our mind to achieve what we want from life despite the challenges that life throws at us, just like these heroes.
The stories that follow in this series are of real people who are models of courage, conviction and commitment that you won’t just admire but would want to emulate. And what the series reveals is their secret: that you need to give more and add more to life, just like the motto of Greaves.Each of them is an example of greatness seen through their actions and their unshakeable faith, which can help us see our own unrealised potential. Read stories of these extraordinary humans, where you will find inspiration and a new appreciation for these heroes among us. The more we know about such heroes, who are torchbearers and champions of change, the more we can learn from their compelling stories. These stories can serve as catalysts, making us spring into action and pursue our own dreams. We may be inspired to follow in their footsteps and become heroes that others read about.
Leaving you all with some food for thought before we come back with a riveting tale of our heroes in the series of Humans of Greaves –
Imagine a world where we all think and act like those who inspire us?