Ashok Tiwari – The Compassionate Doer

It is important to be proud of what you do, as employees who feel they have achieved professionally, are very proud of their organization. We all must look at the big picture, do our best to deliver results that are of high standards and make a name for oneself and the organization in the society. Today, we take a look at one such proud Greaves employee- Ashok Tiwari. He has served Greaves for close to three decades now and his love and respect for his work and his organization keeps on increasing.
Ashok started his career with Greaves in 1990 as a Trainee Engineer in Service department. Being a trainee, he had to learn a lot of things including reading Vernier, micrometers & other calibrating instruments. His seniors gave him a lot of opportunities to learn and grow and instilled a belief where he did not fear to commit mistakes. That support and confidence with close to zero departmental barriers motivated him to do something new and extraordinary to satisfy his self-esteem as an Engineer.
A young engineer having a lot of fascination for Automotive application, Ashok found himself in the Prototype making of three wheelers. Greaves with its Innovative business strategy came up with the idea of developing an application in the form of Diesel Engine Powered Three-wheeler known as Greaves GARUDA. This experience made him understand not only about engines, but also Gear box, brakes, steering, head light, etc. He says he felt like he was on top of the world. All the hard work paid off as he ended up at Auto Expo to represent the Greaves stall. This was his first biggest platform where he got exposure to the real world.
He has witnessed the Era of Emission controls by being involved in the BS-I, II, III, IV and now BS VI engines. He is proud to have been a part of the organization that has kept the pace with changing times in manufacturing and meeting the growing expectations & demand of customers. He says that the Greaves which he joined in 90’s and the Greaves of today has improved a lot in terms of manufacturing infrastructure.He says his proud moments in Greaves were when the organization stepped up to make a difference to the nation. Towards the end of the century in 1999 the nation was going through the Kargil war. Greaves had orders for making smaller portable Gensets that would help the Indian soldiers at the border. B. P. Jetty had then inspired the team to support the nation by manufacturing high quality & reliable Gensets. He says that Defense Authorities awarding Greaves as a self-certified supplier was the icing on the cake for him.
In 2015, after a severe rain and flood hit the southern parts of India, Greaves had supported the society with its Marine engines all across coastal area. Even today in the pandemic outbreak of COVID-19, Greaves is doing multiple initiatives to help support the communities. He is a very proud employee of Greaves and he says he will leave no stone unturned to help the society to bounce back against COVID-19. He follows and keeps preaching his subordinates that at Greaves, every engine we make provides employment to one Indian and every engine going out of Greaves is our responsibility to make the nation move forward.
He is thankful that Greaves has given him so many opportunities to explore doing and delivering new things that any engineer will be proud to do. He says he will continue to deliver his best towards growth of the nation, society, company and his family.
Always be proud of what you’re representing