Uday Sawant – The Go-Getter Humans of Greaves

“Never give up,”Not all profound and important lessons come from well-known historical figures. Quite often, it is the everyday heroes who tend to teach and inspire us the most. Today, we have one such incredible story of a well-known personality, Mr. Uday Ramrao Sawant from our Pune plant. Hope it gives you the boost to accomplish your goals and achieve your dreams.
Uday‘s journey of determination and hard work started 15 years ago with Greaves. It was his first organisation and he worked full time in the production unit. Reminiscing his first day of work, he says that he was welcomed by Mr. Deelip Sawant and Mr. Jalandar Javalekar who have been his pillar of support and a constant source of motivation till date.
Hailing from a Mechanical background, his responsibilities were initially challenging as it began with testing, which required electrical know-how. He, however, upskilled himself with the necessary training to do the job effectively. He states, “I am one person in the whole production department to get maximum training.’’ We all know that knowledge is power. A firm believer in the power of knowledge sharing, he passes on his learnings to the manufacturing teams so that they can learn from it and flourish.
Looking at Uday’s potential and keenness to learn new things, his responsibilities have moved from testing to handling CSR and RCF. Today, he is proud to be handling the entire Genset Division. When asked about his experience at Greaves, he talks about taking new tasks head on. He says that what keeps him going is that there is an exciting challenge waiting every day that beats the monotony of the work. The most challenging part of his work has been the shift from the Chakan plant to the Pune plant where he had to achieve the maximum production in limited space, time and manpower. He embraced this challenge and managed to convince his team members about the same. Today, it is close to a year and things have turned out in his favor. As demonstrated, determination and hard work pay off.
When asked about his experience with Greaves so far, he states, “Greaves has added a lot of value to me personally as well as professionally. Ask him what makes him proud of Greaves and he says that people in the cities are aware of Greaves as an organization but when one visits rural areas, they know Greaves by the name of Ruston. When people in his native place ask him whether he works with the Ruston company, it creates a sense of pride.
To conclude, it is Uday’s confidence and perseverance coupled with adaptability and a willingness to accept challenges that have been key to his success. He is truly passionate about his work and Greaves is fortunate to have a valuable employee like him. “Some succeed because they are destined to, but most succeed because they are determined to.” – Henry van Dyke