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The end customers are mechanics and independent vehicle garage owners. Greaves Spares through its network of 180+ distributors, 9000+ dealers and 20,000+ mechanics offer various 3W, e3W and SCV multi-brand vehicle parts to end customers (mechanics, garages, fleet operators etc.). The Company has identified new areas of growth (like SCVs) and international markets (Exports). With a renewed focus on providing world-class quality and service, the business continues to remain the preferred supplier of spares. Greaves Spares also supports large institutional customers like telecom companies and Railways (provision of spares to power genset etc.) Customer preference for high-quality, reliable parts has shifted the focus to branded players like Greaves Spares and away from counterfeit and Chinese imports. Enhanced replacement requirements for BS4 / BS6 vehicle parts have sustained the diesel engine vehicle parts requirement although at a lower level of preference and growth.

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