Alok – The Determined Engineer

“Never give up,” it’s something you’ve most likely heard everyone in your life say- from your mother to your mentor to your gym instructor. As clichéd as it may seem, there is a reason why you hear this saying ever so often, and especially more so when you are in a challenging situation. Today, we bring you a story of one such individual who is a classic example of never-give-up-attitude. We hope this helps you channel some positive momentum and inspires you to keep going because you could be giving up on something wonderful- your best future!
When we approached Alok for this series, he was overwhelmed, given his humble nature. Alok started his journey at Greaves Cotton with a technical role in the Defence Team, operating out of our old Delhi office. He, along with his team members was handed some of our biggest accounts at the time, including managing one of the known brands in Aircraft Engine Manufacturing Company. During this time, he left everyone impressed with his dedication.
This got him his first major achievement at the company wherein he was assigned as a Greaves Approved Inspector and the only authorized person to handle engines. When we asked Alok if he has any advice for his friends and coworkers, he said, “take ownership, run the show and never give up. If you think you can do it and you are honest and ready to give your 100%, Greaves will never stop you to take the first step, provided the plan is feasible.”
In Pune, Alok was given full responsibility to handle the Large and Small engines (IEB) business. He faced some challenges since he had never handled this portfolio before. But with sheer determination, hard work and looking ahead of silly excuses, he was able to excel at a new role too. It was during this time that Alok took learnings from his wins and failures, which have helped him, triumph not only at work but in life too.
When asked about his proudest accomplishment at Greaves, Alok said, “I was trying to get a big account for IEB which I knew was a long shot. With continued efforts, I was able to get an agreement signed but we did not receive any orders. I was focused and adamant about my goal so we saw success in maintaining certain continuity in IEB division. It took me two years but we did it and signed up certain fixed orders.”
To conclude, it was this relentless desire and stubbornness to succeed that has cemented Alok as one of our top and successful employees. At Greaves Cotton, Alok was able to forge a new path to success. In spite of being put in new and unfamiliar situations time and again, Alok has made the best out of new opportunities.
Now, that’s the attitude of “Humans of Greaves”.
“Timing, perseverance and ten years of trying will eventually make you look like an overnight success.” – Biz Stone