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At Greaves' legal department, my role goes beyond managing legal matters. We play an active role in shaping the company's future. It's highly motivating to be part of a team that advocates for innovative ideas and breakthroughs. It's genuinely fulfilling to work for a company that prioritises professional growth and fosters a positive work environment.


As a part of the Corporate Secretarial team at Greaves, I derive profound fulfilment from my role. My responsibilities encompass ensuring compliance and governance, thereby protecting our integrity and values. Working for a company that prioritizes transparency and ethics transcends mere employment—it's a commitment to making a meaningful impact every day.


Greaves' preplacement presentation on our campus offered valuable perspectives on the company's business areas, culture, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) commitments. This knowledge has played a crucial role in guiding me through the initial stages of my role as a Graduate Engineer Trainee, aligning my efforts with Greaves' stated expectations and professional standards.


My onboarding experience at Greaves stood out significantly compared to my peers in other organizations. The traditional Indian welcome, complete with tilaks and personalised kits, established a unique atmosphere. Direct interactions with top leadership provided insightful views on Greaves. Engaging activities and sessions built a sense of camaraderie among trainees. Visits to the factory and HR sessions deepened our understanding of what sets Greaves apart as an organization.


As a new Graduate Engineer Trainee, the insights gained from the preplacement talk have given me a strategic advantage in comprehending the organisation's fundamentals. The placement interviews rigorously assessed our application of academic knowledge to real-world scenarios. Scenario-based questions evaluated competencies such as strategic thinking and data-driven decision-making, offering a clear gauge of our preparedness for practical challenges in a professional setting.


At Greaves, our ethos centres on advancing India smartly and sustainably. The culture fosters experimentation, continuous growth, and market leadership. My journey here has been marked by valuable guidance and mentorship. Grateful to be part of a company that values innovation, growth, and the collective pursuit of a brighter future for India


I consider myself incredibly fortunate to embark on my career journey with Greaves. The company's vibrant and collaborative atmosphere has been instrumental in dispelling my initial nervousness as I stepped into the corporate world for my maiden job. I've encountered an amazing ethos here that's not just broadened my view of human connections at Greaves but also deepened my understanding of technical knowledge in mobility. This place maintains an enriching work-life balance, prioritising employee needs. Our creativity isn't just valued—it's celebrated, and I firmly believe it's the driving force behind our heightened motivation to meet and exceed the company's targets.


At Greaves, my experience has been exceptional. The friendly environment encourages exploration and experimentation, fostering continuous growth. What sets Greaves apart is the ample opportunity it provides for leadership and taking on responsibilities. There are no restrictions on learning, and the culture encourages constant exploration and implementation of new ideas. Since joining Greaves, I've had the privilege to work on diverse projects, providing me with continuous learning opportunities. A day at Greaves is always dynamic and engaging. It's a place where growth and learning are not just encouraged but are an integral part of the daily experience.


Working at evfin brings immense satisfaction through its collaborative environment, allowing me to contribute actively to the company's progress. Despite our small team size, all ideas are valued, cultivating a sense of ownership that strengthens my dedication to the company's success. What truly shines within my team is our camaraderie and shared goals. Our close collaboration and collective passion for achieving milestones make each day at work a joy.


Greaves offers a unique blend of culture, opportunities, and work-life balance. In my year here, I've delved into diverse product lines, expanding my knowledge. What sets Greaves apart is its seamless management across products and operations. They welcome creativity, value good work promptly, and promote effortless cross-functional collaboration. Teams work systematically and communicate effectively, and there are no boundaries to tasks. It feels like being part of a thriving, united family.


It's incredibly humbling to be part of Greaves' long-standing legacy, which has driven India's progress for years. Our drive revolves around advancing India in a smart and sustainable way, fueling our motivation. The culture here encourages experimentation and growth, all in pursuit of this goal.


As a graphic designer at Greaves Electric Mobility, I've had the privilege to work on groundbreaking projects that blend innovation and creativity. The company's commitment to sustainable mobility is truly inspiring, and it is reflected in every design we create. The collaborative environment encourages out-of-the-box thinking, allowing me to push boundaries and explore new ideas. It's fulfilling to be part of a company that not only values its employees but also strives to make a meaningful impact on the world through sustainable transportation solutions. I'm proud to be a part of this innovative journey.


At Greaves, the freedom to ideate and execute significant tasks is truly empowering. It fosters creativity and encourages fresh approaches to our regular work. The unwavering support and guidance from top leadership keep us aligned with the organization’s goals. Being able to reach the management easily and their openness to new ideas fosters a sense of inclusiveness. Our strong teamwork across divisions at Greaves reflects our commitment to a shared vision. We take pride in contributing to an HR function that makes Greaves an attractive workplace. Our Great Places to Work certification is a testament to our collective effort.


I am delighted to contribute to an organisation with a storied legacy and exemplary leadership. I derive great satisfaction from collaborating with highly skilled and committed individuals within our company's cohesive environment. The prevailing work culture has proven to be stimulating, fostering my professional growth through the assignment of challenging roles and responsibilities.


At Greaves, I cherish the supportive culture, work-life balance, and invigorating challenges that keep me fulfilled. Working alongside amazing colleagues with a shared sense of purpose is truly gratifying. Our marketing team at Greaves thrives on collaboration and excellence, embracing diversity as our strength. We communicate openly, respect each other's ideas, and encourage innovation, fostering a dynamic and supportive workplace. Our unwavering commitment to high standards ensures top-notch results, making every project a success.


A productive, flexible, and resilient workplace. Working at Greaves Cotton Limited has been an incredible journey. Over the years, I've had the privilege of being part of a finance team that embodies collaboration in every sense. We seamlessly work together to optimize processes. This collaborative approach not only helps us deliver accurate financial insights but also fosters a sense of belonging that is truly unique. It's a pleasure to be part of such a cohesive team.


One of the aspects I truly value about my time at GEM is the fantastic team I have the privilege to work alongside. They empower me to excel in my role and reach for new heights. The company's commitment to making sustainable and intelligent mobility accessible to all deeply resonates with me, motivating me to contribute even more. My team comprises a group of highly skilled and dedicated individuals who also know how to infuse a sense of enjoyment into our work. What makes them truly exceptional is their unwavering support for each other, always ready to lend a hand whenever anyone needs assistance.


I really appreciate the company’s rich culture and how supportive ,collaborative the team and managers are. Flexibility, empowerment to work with innovation, makes it a Great place to work. The synergy between our team members helps us to produce creative and productive results. I learn so much when I work with our team, cross functional team members with different skill sets and experiences. I also take great satisfaction in achieving goals with a team as we can celebrate our successes together. While I also appreciate working alone because it lets me work on individual goals with focus.


Greaves is deeply committed to employee growth and development. From in-house training programs to mentorship opportunities, there is always room to learn and grow at Greaves. At the heart of Greaves lies a culture that fosters collaboration and innovation. Our finance team isn't just about crunching numbers; it's about working together to create financial strategies, driving digital automation processes that brings together people, applications, devices, and information across an organization to produce a truly agile and digital organization. The finance team is equipped with knack of functional management along with practical experience in analysis, development & implementation of Strategic Business Plans & Policies and leading many project-based work to ensure organisational growth, targeting maximum profitability & cost effectively. Our journey here is marked by continuous learning, responsibility, trust, and the satisfaction of making tangible contributions to the company's success.


I am proud to be a part of Greaves, which strongly emphasises inclusivity, peer support, and closely tied teams. This open-minded approach has not only enhanced Greaves’ culture but has also empowered employees from various backgrounds to bring their unique perspectives to the table. It's a joy to see people from all walks of life collaborate seamlessly, and it's a testament to the strength of our inclusive policy. These principles have created a workplace where employees feel valued, supported, and connected. As an HR employee, I have seen firsthand the positive impact they have on our company's growth, employee satisfaction, and overall success.


Working at Greaves Cotton Limited has been an enriching experience for me as a legal professional. The company's commitment to ethical business practices and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations is truly commendable. As a member of the legal team, I have had the privilege to contribute to the company's success by providing sound legal advice and ensuring that our operations are in line with the highest standards of integrity. The collaborative and supportive environment at Greaves Cotton Limited makes it an ideal place for legal professionals to thrive.

Excellence & Trust

Greaves Cotton Limited is an end-to-end Energy Solutions Company that has diversified its strategy to cater to the growing demand for sustainable mobility solutions.  With a rich legacy and brand trust of over 163 years, Greaves aims to redefine the sustainable, cleantech and green mobility ecosystem through transformative technologies by touching a billion lives by 2030. Greaves is a leading name in Fuel Agnostic Powertrain Solutions, E-Mobility, Aftermarket & Retail.

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Greaves Cotton Limited is an end-to-end Energy Solutions Company catering to the growing demand for sustainable last-mile mobility solutions

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Greaves Cotton Limited has been certified as a great workplace by the Great Place to Work® Institute, India, for the third consecutive year. This certification recognises our collective efforts in fostering a positive and supportive work environment for all our employees.