The Right Engine Oil

Imagine this scenario. You’re on your bike, and the road ahead is smooth and empty. You accelerate your bike, your engine revs, but you don’t get the speed you want. All you’ve succeeded in doing is burning some extra fuel. And if you do reach the speed you want, you might be wearing out your engine. How do you balance getting a smooth ride without compromising on either the engine’s life or the fuel economy? Think about this. You’re the manufacturer of a premium brand of vehicles. How do you ensure that the vehicle’s engine remains in top-notch condition till the time it reaches your customer? Whom will you trust to be the ‘first fill’ lubricant and what precautions will you take?
Say you’re the owner of a fleet of delivery trucks. These vehicles are constantly on the move, carrying heavy loads, and travelling on roads that often have more potholes than surfaces. The engines are going to be under tremendous stress and the performance will be affected. How will you ensure that the engine lubrication is up to the mark? To keep up with these challenges, you need efficient and fast transportation. At Greaves, we understand this and have always delivered cutting-edge solutions from our technological partners. Living up to this promise, we are happy to present the best lubricant for your vehicles, with German technology. Greaves, in association with Fuchs, the leading lubricant manufacturer from Germany, is proud to introduce India to Silkolene and Titan, world-class engine lubricants for 2-wheelers and 4-wheelers.
Developed with German technology, these lubricants have been engineered to empower your vehicle to perform better even in the most testing conditions. They provide more durability and protection from wear & tear and ensure better power delivery from your engine as well. They are ideal for vehicles like freight carriers, which carry heavy loads across long distances, frequently amid harsh weather conditions. They are ideal for individuals seeking high-end performance from their racing machines on the track. They are also perfectly suited for the mileage-conscious driver who can now save money with increased durability and life of his engine. With such versatile adaptations, these engine oils come with the assurance of maximizing your vehicle’s performance potential. So, don’t settle for the standard when you can raise it. Redefine what your vehicle can do and then do more with Fuchs’ high-performance heavy-duty engine oils.