“Uplift and Prosper”

We have always believed that reaching out to those who need a helping hand, by teaching them to fish, rather than giving it on a silver platter provides #dignity while yielding new avenues. We are proud that our working philosophy implements this powerful thought, being a #LifeMaximiser, with several programmes and products aimed at financial inclusion and economic recovery. #Uplift&Prosper is a way of life at Greaves through which we reach out to those not so privileged. Consider how e-rickshaw drivers and several stakeholders connect programs have transformed the lives of the economically weaker sections, by nurturing their ambition, where they would have otherwise been overwhelmed by the repercussions of a merciless, all-encompassing pandemic. After all, it is this disadvantaged strata of society that is always overlooked and has almost always been the worst hit by unemployment, health challenges and inadequate resources.

#Greaves has empowered them to rewrite a different script – one of hope and hard work, perseverance and purpose. Earlier, auto drivers, farmers, workers in small scale industries, fishermen, automobile mechanics, spare part technicians, plumbers, electricians constituted cheap labour in far-flung cities and eked out a living. These migrants have returned to their villages but not to despair and darkness. Losing jobs due to Covid has already become a thing of the past, as they have embraced the dawn of change brought to their doorstep by #Greaves. Financial independence has replaced the gloom and dread, as they meet life with new zeal. Most of them are those who have barely managed to pass standard X, but with the push from our corporate philosophy have mobilised their own small start-ups and others ply the streets with rickshaws. Being closer to home and getting to bond with their families is a priceless bonus, which till now was a distant dream. It is immensely satisfying to see that creating business solutions is not limited merely to the top echelons, nor are they another campaign to give our brands temporary mileage.

Values and roots at Greaves go deeper, it is not a sense of obligation but responsiveness and being a life enabler have harvested more profits and delightful treasures that can be plotted on a fiscal sheet or ROI chart. It’s a new level of elevation when we are being looked up to and we humbly accept the rewarding thrill derived by ‘consideration of economic well-being of the masses’ being our pivot. #Moretolife is translated into action. Life is beautiful and our wide range of products in Automotive, Non-Automotive, Electric vehicles, Retail & Finance enables lives & makes it happen for those who are at the bottom of the pyramid. With this, these customers are not simply waiting with outstretched hands for others to make their dreams come true, but are committed to the nation’s prosperity and work towards it, one step at a time. And at @Greaves we are happy to support this drive for individual progress, accelerated economic growth & recovery towards a stronger future together.