Clean Responsible Technology – CREST Engine

The world is making efforts to adopt clean technology due to the climate crisis and the effect it has on the globe. To reduce the impact on the environment, it is imperative that we innovate clean and responsible technologies. The stringent emission norms for automobiles across the world tells the importance of environment and climate crisis.
At Greaves, we are Future Ready! Greaves has developed the revolutionary CREST engine with lean- burn technology resulting in higher efficiency. With this unique lean-burn technology delivering up to 30% higher fuel efficiency compared to conventional engines in the CNG/Petrol segment today, these engines ensure low tailpipe emissions, thereby meeting the latest norms. This technologically advanced engine will help Greaves increase its presence in the CNG/Petrol space with strong value proposition of low TCO, thus lending high daily savings to the end user.
Available in CNG/Petrol, CREST engine offers the best-in-class fuel efficiency without the 3-way cat. The engine contains aluminum structure hence resulting in low weight. With our early stage testing and reports, CREST engine reduces the emissions up to 30% with 30% increase in fuel efficiency.
Using the CREST engine, the end user will be able to earn high as they will save more due to the low cost of ownership. It also contributes in boosting employability and allow the small and micro entrepreneurs to remain in business. As the engine is Made in India, for the world it enables multiple advantages to increase the performance. Use of Clean and Responsible engine will contribute in cutting down pollution and save for the nation.
Greaves has potential to access the 20 million unit of CREST engine- two wheeler and growing non- diesel three wheeler petrol/CNG market with the CNG engine. With CREST engine the potential to tap new markets like Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia and the African continent opens. Greaves’ investment in people, process and technology is paying off seeing the results while testing the engine. The scale, technological capability and brand investment will accelerate our Cleantech mission with CNG. It’s the trust & dependability of multiple stakeholders which inspires us to create world class clean and responsible engines. CREST engine benefits economy and ecology and Greaves will continue to lead the innovations required for the sustainable future.