Redefining Customer Support

The last mile connotes really far off and for many companies operating out here means higher level of focus, higher resource deployment to reach out and be present to take care of the end user needs. Yes, while it still remains a nightmare for many brands to support the 3 W & small 4 W commercial vehicle user with wide range of parts and service, at Greaves it’s been sorted – thanks to its nationwide network of diligent distributors and retailer network for aftermarket parts. Decades back when this started it was just a dream but a customer focused approach, undying passion to ensure vehicles of these customers remain always running and never stop due to any breakdown, these Channel partners have stacked wide variety of parts at very affordable range. And it’s growing thanks to the multibrand spares initiative from the company, which today stands close to 1300 parts – of any fuel, any make in the last mile small commercial vehicle category.
“For us more the customers are on-road, more they earn and they save for their better future. A happy and smiling customer has been driving force every day in our business “opined one of the leading channel partner. It resonates with the company’s philosophy of improving productivity and enhancing on-street performance in mobility segment of their large diversified business. The reassurance from the reach and range Is complimented when we see support from 30 + OEM’s, 9000 + loyal mechanics, growing multibrand Greaves Care service centres. When the business is expanding, one has to safeguard the interest of the customer with continued supply of genuine spare parts. Frequent raids are conducted to see that spurious parts are seized and customer only gets good quality, properly checked Greaves Genuine parts. All this has helped increase footprint of Greaves to smaller corners of the country and neighbourhood countries. It’s this assurance which builds the confidence and Greaves force is dedicated to increasing these smiles in years to come.