Charge Anywhere, Move Free, Live Free

The rising trend of Electric Vehicle adoption has increased the charging infrastructure capabilities in India. Major manufactures have stepped up the inclusion of charging stores in their channels and retail outlets. Latest regulatory policies and government initiatives have made it mandatory for the easy access and availability of charging stores in any city, village or town. With the intention of ramping up the purchase and usage of electric vehicles, the new policies from the government provide the electric vehicle charging at a very economical cost. Worked out under the Public – Private Partnership model, Industry players in the Automotive segment are taking concrete steps in building robust electric mobility ecosystem.
Mom & Pop stores, home, offices, parking areas, petrol station, general stores, shopping malls etc have started to provide charging services for the electric vehicles on-the-go. 15 Amp socket connection is sufficient to charge the vehicle in short time. Addressing the need of having affordable electric charging infrastructure, the Greaves Care Centres have been designed to provide easy access of power to the electric vehicles. Owners of electric vehicles can now take their vehicle to any Greaves Care Centres and charge their vehicle at an economical cost. Ready for tomorrow, the Greaves Care Centres have been commissioned with a futuristic requirement of providing battery swapping stations. Located in almost all metropolitan, major and 2/3 tier cities, Charging at Greaves Care is hassle free, quick and economical.