How To Maximise Your Electric Two-Wheelers Range

Electric two-wheelers are transforming the way we move for the better.  Apart from being clean, green and silent, these futuristic mobility machines offer significant savings and some seriously quick acceleration off the line.  But hey, we get it; range anxiety can sometimes be like a bothersome backseat driver, repeatedly putting you in doubt about whether you’ve got enough juice to make it to your destination.  Fret not, though, because we’re about to dive into the ultimate guide on how to boost your EV’s driving range and unlock its full potential.  Follow these simple tips, and you’ll be amazed at the extent of improvement in your two-wheeled EV’s range.  So, let’s embark upon this magical little journey without any further ado.


Choose the proper make and model

That’s probably the most crucial bit.  You don’t win Derbies riding mules, and you can’t make a poorly made electric vehicle run for a long distance.  Choosing the correct make, model, and variant with the most suitable specifications and features is key.  With advancements in EV tech, some EV options tend to be more energy-efficient than others.  Apart from picking a reputable brand and model, keep your eyes peeled for specs like battery capacity, range per charge, efficiency scores, ride modes and the regenerative braking feature.  Always go for trusted brands, which generally ensure top-notch quality in their vehicles’ build, battery and software.

Resist that twist of the wrist

Let’s talk about that throttle.  We know how you like to twist it.  But if you’re range-conscious, then you probably should practice restraint.  Embrace the advantages of modulated, measured acceleration, coasting, and deceleration.  Quick zooms are fun, but they drain your battery at a faster rate.  Smooth acceleration effectively amounts to a lower energy discharge from the battery, leaving more juice inside and resulting in a longer range for your EV.

Keep it consistent

The range you see on your EV’s instrument console varies based on your riding style.  So if you saw a range of 150 km when you started and decided to give your machine the beans midway, you’ll probably end up witnessing a drastic drop.  You won’t probably even cover 100 kilometres if you’re too aggressive.  If you want the range reading on the instrument console to be reliable and consistent, you’ll also have to be reliable and consistent with your riding style.  Avoid abrupt acceleration and braking, try putting as little load on the battery as possible, match your speeds with the desired ETA, and you’ll see that your EV keeps true to its promised range.

Make effective use of regen modes

By all means, tap into your EV’s magic trick: regenerative braking.  It’s like your EV’s way of recycling energy whenever you decide to slow down.  Use strong regen for stop-start driving conditions.  Anticipate a stop in advance and avoid mechanical braking to allow the brake energy recuperation system to recharge your EV’s batteries.  On open roads, cut the resistance and enable the vehicle to coast for as long as possible.  This can be facilitated by turning recuperative braking off or using a mode that allows coasting.  Use a gentler regen mode on sharp downhill slopes that provides gravity to overcome the braking.  This way, the EV keeps moving with some recuperative resistance while the batteries keep charging continuously.

Tyre pressure is key

Tyres aren’t just rubber donuts but the unsung heroes of your EV’s range performance.  Underinflated tyres can increase rolling resistance and reduce your EV’s range by a significant margin.  Check your EV’s tyre pressure periodically and always keep it at the prescribed value to get the best range.

Slip through the air

Ever feel like the wind is opposing your forward motion?  That’s the villain called aerodynamic drag.  Slim down your EV’s profile by ditching those bulky accessories.  Stick to manufacturer-recommended mirrors and gear.  Bring those elbows and knees closer to the body and avoid loose clothing that acts like a ship’s sail to increase drag.  Tucking your head in rather than riding in an open-chested manner will also help improve your vehicle’s aerodynamic efficiency.

Observe correct charging practices

Your battery’s like the heart of your EV, and it deserves to be taken care of properly.  How do you do that?  Apart from preventing it from getting exposed to extreme temperatures and the elements, follow the sacred charging rituals outlined in your EV’s manual.  Do not overcharge your EV, nor should you let its juice deplete to near-zero levels.  EVs are at their efficient best, between 20 to 80 per cent of their full charging capacity.  Operating them within that range will help you ride most efficiently.  Charging your EV from a manufacturer-authorised charger/charging station and keeping it within the optimal SoC limits will facilitate more extended range but would also help enhance your EV’s battery life.

Plan your route

Before you leave, feed your destination into the good old Google Maps app, or any other navigation app that helps you with live traffic data and optimised route planning.  Plan your route strategically, avoiding detours, traffic jams, and hills that could drain your EV’s battery at a fast rate.  Use EV-specific navigation tools.  They’ll have you covered by including charging stations en route if you run low on juice despite taking all the precautionary measures.  With proper planning, any route can be conquered with an EV.

Use eco mode, whenever possible

Engage the eco or any other energy-saving mode that you may have available on your EV.  Such modes effectively reduce energy consumption and extend the vehicle’s range.  They’re perfect for riding conditions where you don’t need fast acceleration or high top speeds.  Using eco mode in combination with aggressive regen modes in suitable conditions can significantly affect how long your electric two-wheeler can go on a single charge.

So those were some simple but incredibly effective tips that would help you enhance your two-wheeled EV’s range by a good margin.  Whether cruising the city streets or embarking on a road trip, these tips will rid your journey of range anxiety.  Remember, EVs can be used as effectively as their ICE counterparts as long you plan well in advance and follow an EV-specific riding style.  Now go forth and unleash the superpowers of your EV, for an enjoyable ride and a greener world!

Amit Chhangani

Editor-in-Chief, Motoroids