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G 600CNG



G 600 CNG

11kW, BS II / III / IV

Greaves automotive engines have a robust design that meets critical performance requirements like low maintenance cost, environmental friendliness, high power-to-weight ratio and a direct fuel injection system designed for higher fuel efficiency. Highly fuel efficient, the Greaves lightweight diesel engines are ideal for automotive engine applications like 3-wheelers and small 4-wheelers.


Swept volume Single Cylinder, 600 cc
Engine type Port Injection, Naturally Aspirated, Water cooled
Material Cylinder Head & Crankcase : Aluminium Cast iron Cylinder barrel with Integral Liner
Fuel Injection System Port injection
Max power 11 kW @ 3200 rpm
Max Torque 40 Nm @ 1800 rpm
Governor system Mechanical, Flyweight Type
Weight(Kg) 67 (With starter motor, Alternator)
Technology / Features - Aluminium Head & Crankcase
- 2 valve / Cylinder
- 100% rotary / 50% oscillating mass balancing

*Specification are subject to change as a part of continual improvement.

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