Greaves Cotton Limited Family Day 2023

Greaves Cotton Limited Family Day – Celebrating Joy and Bonding together!!

The Greaves Cotton Limited Family Day is a special event that brings together Greaves employees, their spouse and children to have fun, play games, click photos, take selfies and participate in cultural activities. This year, the Greaves Cotton Limited Family Day was celebrated on 27th February 2023 in Greaves Cotton Sports Ground, Aurangabad where the red carpet was laid out, the lights were well setup, the cameras were in position, the ground was decked up and all Greaves family members, the stars of our grand evening were dressed up in their best attire to grace the occasion. This grand event has become a cherished tradition that celebrates the joy and bonding of the Greaves family. This year, the family day celebrations witnessed more than 1500 family members enjoying a wide range of activities. From Leadership address to fun, music, singing, and dancing, there was something for everyone to enjoy.

The evening was filled with fun and laughter as the families participated in various activities. There were games such as archery shoot, cartoon characters (spiderman, mickey mouse), heart balloon shooting, angry bird hit, ring game, dart game, box hitting game, bounce, Charlie Chaplin character and many more. There were also photo galleries, family photo point, and for female family member there were nail painting, mehndi. Everyone had a great time participating in the activities and sharing the unique and fun filling experience. It is a great way for our Greaves families to come together, have fun and create long lasting memories. We look forward to continuing this tradition and celebrating the joy and bonding of Greaves family in the coming years.