Top 5 Things For Smooth Two-Wheeler Ride This Monsoon!

For the much needed respite from the heat wave, fellow Indians warmly welcome Monsoon 2019. While the monsoons remind you of special memories with your loved ones, it is also the time to ensure your partner- your Two-wheeler is Monsoon-ready! The last thing you want is your beloved two-wheeler to have a break-down in middle of this weather. Our team of experts at Greaves, have listed down top 5 things to check before hitting the roads the monsoon.
1. Brake- Check!
  • One critical component Brake-liners should be cleaned at regular intervals.
  • A visit to your trusted mechanic should ensure Brake Oil is checked and maintained at required level.
  • With slippery roads ahead, always apply brakes gradually for better control especially on curves.
2. Tyres- Check!
  • Check for tyres that are worn out or have developed cuts due to usage.
  • The tyre treads should have a depth of 2-3 millimetres in order to provide a good grip on wet roads.
  • Ensure that a good amount of treads are present on the side of the tyre as well. Check the tyre pressure at regular intervals. For a better grip, keep the tyre pressure 2-3 psi below the required level
3. Headlights- Check!
  • Due to heavy rain showers, visibility is usually low. Double check on your headlights and indicators.
  • Try placing reflective stickers on your bike, so that you can be noticed from a distance despite of heavy rainfall.
4. Service- Check!
  • Visit your nearest trusted & authorized Greaves Care centre regularly. Always use genuine spare parts and avoid spurious to save few bucks.
  • Ask your friendly mechanic to check for any visual damage
5. Cover- Check!
  • We know your love for your two wheeler which gets immediately exposed due to extreme rainfall. Its best to cover your two wheeler with a cover to avoid wet seats, water entering critical engine parts.
Or else you could visit your nearest Greaves Aftermarket Spares Outlet, for all your maintenance needs. With its wide-spread Pan India network, Greaves Aftermarket retail outlets provides a range of trusted, genuine and affordable spares for a non-stop you! Don’t forget to ask for some extra vehicle maintenance tips from 9000+ Greaves Certified mechanics. Greaves’ provides guaranteed assurance to all customers to go anywhere, do anything and still completely rely on it.
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