Single-cylinder BS-VI Diesel engine – For a better today and tomorrow

The Indian economy relies heavily on transportation, and transportation relies on fuel. If you look around, diesel powered engines move a large portion of daily goods and consumables from the source of origin to the consumers at large. They are the power source of commercial transport, as we see today. Diesel engines have high efficiency, reliability, durability and low operating cost. These eminent features make them the most preferred engines, especially for heavy-duty vehicles. Industry, government and science all have been in favour of diesel since the beginning. In fact, during its inception, diesel was also touted as a wonder fuel. It was a way of driving cost-efficiency while carrying on with your daily activities with minimal hindrance. Imagine how many people would get out of business if diesel would be banned!
When compared with multi-cylinder engines, single-cylinder engines are often more simple and compact. And due to a greater potential for airflow around all sides of the cylinder, air cooling is more effective for single cylinder engines. However, most single-cylinder engines used in automobiles are fueled by petrol. In today’s world, air pollution, climate change and environmental protection have become subjects of central concern. Cities want to improve their environmental and climate sensibilities by making informed and eco-friendly decisions. Keeping all of this in mind, Greaves Cotton has launched the world’s cleanest single-cylinder BS-VI diesel engine for 3 wheelers.
Advanced engines, cleaner diesel fuel and effective emissions control technology make up a new generation of diesel known as clean diesel. At present, diesel engines are quiet and require less maintenance than ever before, making it a popular choice to lower carbon emissions coming from diesel-powered vehicles driven on the road.  With the launch of this single-cylinder BS-VI Diesel engine, we are hoping to prepare businesses and citizens to adopt responsible technology – not at the risk of bearing losses and losing their minds. This single-cylinder BS-VI diesel engine helps to reduce pollution on the roads with its advanced fuel injection technology and after-treatment systems that ensure highly consistent pollutant reduction. It is built for affordable 3-wheeler application providing better torque, enhanced load carrying capabilities and significantly reduced emissions. It offers greater value to customers in India and opens markets.
This is a significant technological achievement, considering that there were no worldwide benchmarks to emulate and this compact engine was built ground-up in record-time. These future-ready engines are believed to power diesel 3W of multiple OEMs in India for last-mile transportation, with Piaggio’s Ape range of diesel 3W being the first. With its superior fuel consumption, this diesel engine can continue to benefit society while greatly reducing its negative environmental and health impacts. Some of Greaves Cottons customers had a chance to get a first look and test out the new and improved Single-cylinder BS-VI Diesel engine. Here’s an account of their experience:
“I run a grocery store in Nagpur. I usually carry my grocery supplies in a 3-wheeler cargo vehicle and needed a robust and powerful engine to carry goods around. I had been looking for mobility options sans the emissions. That was until I heard about Greaves BS-VI Single Cylinder Diesel engine. And I was lucky enough to be one of the first to try Greaves BS-VI. It offers better torque and enhanced load-carrying capabilities to carry general grocery, beverages, food boxes, and other household supplies with ease. I feel proud to be using a clean diesel engine that cuts toxic exposure. We all need to be ecologically responsible and sustainable technology with clean diesel is the way to go! I care for the planet and hope that future generations can breathe more freely.” – Devandra Patil, Nagpur
“I am a businessman and I have a fleet of three-wheelers for transportation of goods from one town to another. I wanted to use sustainable technology to power my vehicles that deliver superior fuel efficiency and offer low total cost of ownership. Greaves BS-VI Single Cylinder Diesel engine has better load carrying capabilities and significantly reduced the emissions.” – Ketan Shah, Patna
What we learn from these experiences of the common man is that Greaves BS-VI Single Cylinder Diesel engine has been making a huge difference in people’s lives. Greaves Cotton has a strong portfolio with its engine application in the marine industry, construction industry, going beyond the automotive industry. It has crossed 5 million engines so far, touching billions of lives. With the launch of the clean diesel engine, Greaves Cotton has fulfilled its obligation to the society and world at large. It has taken critical steps by using responsible technology to adapt to the smart cities of India, making commute not only cheaper but better and eco-safe. It has been spurring significant changes in the diesel vehicle marketplace. Now no more ‘dirty’ exhaust fumes from the typical diesel engine. With so many big climate battles ahead of us, it is time to make the switch. With Greaves BS-VI Single Cylinder Diesel engine, we are preparing for the cities of future with clean and responsible technology, beneficial for both economy and ecology.