Rakhi is approaching and If you are wondering what gift you can give to your sister then here is a interesting alternative for you. Heard about the electric scooter? Why not gift her an electric 2wheeler? Though it may sound unconventional at the outset, but it can be a good option as it is in line with the key message of Rakhi – Protection of sister by her brother –
Protection from Increasing Air Pollution – The zero emission and no pollution bike is the solution to the increasing air hazard world over. Give her the Ebike and let her be the champion of green mobility.
Protection from Increasing Fuel Prices – At a very low cost of 16-20paise/km, the Escooter is a very economical alternative compared to the conventional petrol ones. Let her save more, earn more and enjoy more.
Protection from Vehicle maintenance hassles – With very low moving parts in the Escooter compared to the petrol ones, the E Scooter comes with very low maintenance requirements. Let her enjoy long rides and spare her from the misery of frequent vehicle maintenence calls.
Protection from unsafe driving – The Escooter runs at a safe speed limit that is optimal for urban and rural commute. Let her enjoy the rides while you are assured of her safe travels. Protect her from Tiresome Riding experience The noise-less and vibration-less driving does not induce fatigue to the rider unlike conventional bikes. Let her enjoy long rides without getting tired. In addition, you can save her from the misery of visiting the petrol pumps frequently as the vehicle will allow her to charge the battery at her convinience. Besides, the light weight, compact and sleek design will allow her to maneuver the bike with minimal force. With easy finance options, subsidy from the government and GST tax cuts, buying a electric vehicle is a affordable proposition today. So wait no further. Rakhi is fast approaching and book your Electric Scooter today. Expression on her face will be worth seeing when you will show her the electric vehicle as her gift.