New Growth, New Possibilities

If you are making one engine per minute, you are a part of large force.Yes, this kind of strength comes when you have very large scale & touching multiple customers in various segments & diverse geographies. It also connotes being part of a huge #trust pool with set of associated customers, vendor & agency partners, dealers, distributors, retailers all working in synchronization to ensure that perfect product rolls out every minute. It’s a huge responsibility on shoulders of someone delivering this consistently for years.  Crafted with highest precision & engineered to withstand abuse in everyday operations , these engines with class leading economics & unparalleled reliability have become epitome of excellence in the last mile mobility segment. Today with more than 5mn + engines on the roads, Greaves with its wide range of engines have become a dependable engine partner, trusted by more than 30+ OEM’s, 9000+ mechanics, 5000+ retail outlets across the length & breadth of the country.
Banking on this equity developed over years, Greaves engines has now found usage in some newer territories. Our young breed of dynamic engineers have fine-tuned #GreavesEngines beyond automotive usage into marine, construction, farming, fire-fighting, gardening, micro-irrigation applications & much more. The key value proposition of affordable & reliable solution to improve productivity for the end users remains still the core and gets customized depending on the end user & requirements. This opens up a new set of possibilities of usage for engines & indirectly supports the big cause of building energy efficient solutions for tomorrow . Solutions which enable end user to progress depending on solid bedrock foundation of strong product, great service & spare parts support, solid backup of trained technicians & application engineers as experts who nurture these operations with Greaves engines.
Greaves engines thus have not only mobilized India across cities, rural & small towns but now has become significant accelerator of  varied small business & applications. Flourishing of such applications strengthens “one engine, many applications” belief & inspires us to find much more applications for challenges across the globe . We are happy to partner with various small micro entrepreneurs who have been innovating to find sustainable-cum-profitable solutions for everyday challenges in India and abroad . With such diverse applications, we will continue to create customized solutions with Greaves engines and foster the Make-In-India mission thus providing gainful employment to many more in future.