Greaves supports Communities in its fight against COVID-19

COVID-19 presents an unprecedented challenge to the entire world, calling for even stronger and more collaborative action from various organizations to join in the efforts and help the government fight the pandemic. Given how critical the situation is, there is a compelling need for healthcare and material support along with community responsibility. Though every individual has been asked to maintain social distancing, we, at Greaves Cotton, are extremely close to our intention of delivering and pulling out all stops to do our bit with what is the need of the hour.

As the world responds to the COVID-19 outbreak, our thoughts are especially with those affected and those on the frontline, working round the clock to help those in need. The current crisis is unlike anything we have experienced before. There is literally nothing beyond the reach of this devastating pandemic but we are determined and committed to fight this. It is time to put our thoughts into action and combat COVID-19 for the betterment of the entire nation.
In the face of this pandemic, we, at Greaves Cotton, have undertaken the following on-ground initiatives to support some of the most pressing needs of the nation. We remain committed in our attempt to ensure the safety and well-being of our stakeholders, employees and the environment, thus supporting India’s fight and win against COVID-19. COVID-19 is impacting every sphere of our daily lives, be it our family life, our social interactions, or even the way we work at Greaves Cotton.
  • As part of our employee-first policy, apart from the work from home drive, we have distributed masks to our employees and their families in Aurangabad, Coimbatore, and Ranipet.
  • Under “Support the Protectors” program, we have also provided masks to the Karnataka Police in Bengaluru city for their safety while they serve through this crisis.
In this COVID-19 crisis, underprivileged children need special support and keeping this in mind, we have partnered with NGO called CRY. Efforts are underway to provide dry ration to kids and families for a month across Mumbai and Delhi NCR regions.
To show our support to the mechanics, we have been providing health protection kits -hand sanitizers and medical kits across key states through our YOU CARE, WE CARE program.
From powering critical missions to backing up critical life support systems, Greaves gensets have been used across many locations in the past. In recent times during the critical period, with the help of key authorities, we have installed Gensets in hospitals for quarantine facilities in the state of Maharashtra. This will provide 24×7 power supply to hospitals and ease the work of COVID warriors – doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals working.
Fumigation helps in significantly reducing the chances of infections among people in a particular area. In order to provide a safe and clean environment, we have deployed our 5 HP Diesel engines to spray disinfectants through fire brigade vehicles in the Sangli district of Maharashtra. This is in continuance with the usage of Greaves engines for fumigation across locations.
We have been helping local bodies and institutions do disinfection of public places with supply of knapsack sprayers. This is being used as a preventive measure in public congregation areas, large establishments, community neighbourhoods, municipal corporations, hospitals, and railways all over India.
At Greaves Cotton, caring is never an afterthought. It is a commitment we have made not just for challenging times, but for always. It is second nature to us, and all our initiatives are built on our commitment to organize our resources, our expertise, and our compassionate and resilient team to support those in need at this challenging time. Given the enormity and severity of the pandemic, we recognize that no contribution is too big or small. We shall try our best to restore normalcy and combat this global health crisis through all possible means together.