Greaves PRIME Programme – A CSR Initiative

Over years, as a part of the automobile business, we have frequently worked together with Mechanics and Garage owners. The more we’ve worked with them, the more we’ve realized how indispensable they are. Mechanics are like doctors for your vehicle’s engine. They are responsible for its smooth functioning. In a way, they are responsible for a hiccup-free way of life for all vehicle owners. However, despite playing such an important role, mechanics are often financially dependent and unable to scale-up professionally. A lack of knowledge, resources and know-how setting up their own business, act as deterrents. Their true potential is not realized, and slowly, dormancy sets in. If someone can lend a helping hand, skill them on softer business parameters and guide them on arranging finance, then these mechanics can really setup their own ventures.
We, at Greaves, understand the Mechanics’ interest to become an independent garage owner and we also understand the vast potential in the automobile industry for repairing and servicing of vehicles. Addressing this, Greaves has launched the PRIME campaign. PRIME (Program on Real Independence & Mechanic Empowerment) is a CSR initiative by Greaves to facilitate these Mechanics fulfil their dream and become entrepreneurs. The initiative aims to help them set up their own service centres, automobile repairing & maintenance shops and spares parts shops. The idea is to break mechanics from their conventional shell and help them progress.
The PRIME program empowers the mechanics to start their own business with a hands-on approach. With the right technical expertise, financial guidance and market know-how, we aim to help them build a business model that is sustainable and financially secure. Under the PRIME initiative, Greaves has given training to almost 500 mechanics in 20 cities across the country. Thus, with every small step through PRIME, we can make a meaningful difference to the mechanic community & the world of automobile service.