Easy, Functional and Affordable: Meet Ampere- The Electric Superbike!

Transport, as we see it today, has come a long way. From the invention of the wheel in 3500 BC to the sight of a man travelling to space today, humans have evolved their mode of transportation and how. But, when it comes to our daily commute, have we really evolved that much? Yes, we have invented modes of transport that allows us to travel on land, water and air. We have invented some of the fastest and swankiest cars and jets. But, most of these modes are heavily dependent on burning fossil fuels ?— posing a threat to the environment and our planet at large. Moreover, they are limited and extinct in nature. And while our technology has evolved radically, we can’t help but wonder why haven’t we discovered efficient alternatives for fuel and petroleum? Why haven’t we adapted to more sustainable, eco-friendly and accessible means of powering our modes of transport?
Ampere ?— was found with this vision in mind. We deciphered ways to use smart technology to build smart fuel that powers vehicles and bikes, at an affordable price. And that was just the beginning. We were the first company in India to ace the technology of the manufacturing of key components of an electric vehicle. We bring our expertise in deep research and analytics and back it up with the latest technology to build something that is electrifying the new era of transportation.
Some things get better with age: 10 electrifying years at Ampere
We knew there ought to be other, more efficient alternatives for fuel. In 2008, we took our learning and experience in automobile of over 160 years and launched 3 models of e-scooters, being one of the first vehicles in India going the ‘electric way’. And since then, we haven’t looked back. In 2010, we introduced 3 models of e-cycles. In 2014, we launched the first battery operated waste management vehicles for Panchayat. 2015 and 2016, for us, were years of growth and expansion, with the right investments from the right companies and people to help create our vision of electrifying vehicles in India, a reality. In 2018, Greaves Cotton Ltd acquired a major share in Ampere. And now, in 2019, midst the disruption in the automobile industry, Ampere by Greaves is at the forefront of the technological disruption in the automobile industry.
Why electric? Aren’t e-bikes too expensive and a hassle to recharge?
Even as electric bikes are slowly gaining momentum in India, there is still a lot of hesitancy and anxiety in terms of affordability, charging access and battery quality. But, that is slowly changing with vehicles combining technology with smart design and functionality, powering them with alternative fuel. Ampere e-bike batteries can be recharged at your convenience, at your home or office. It reaches a full charge in 6-10 hours and can go anywhere between 85 to 65 km in a full charge, depending on the model. The batteries can also be recharged at one of 250 service centers spread across India- a safe and easy way to refuel your bike when you are on the go! When it comes to the price point, electric bikes might be slightly more expensive than your conventional two-wheeler. This is a major reason why people have been hesitant about making the switch. What people fail to realize is that the long term cost of maintaining and riding a conventional two-wheeler is way higher than the price you pay upfront for an e-bike. We tend to undermine expenses like fluctuating fuel costs, maintenance, and replacement of parts and services that stacks up a bunch over the years.
How reliable are Ampere electric bikes?
Our testing team meticulously checks every Ampere product from start to finish. In fact, every vehicle is fully tested and certified for quality standards before dispatch. They are also tested under extreme weather conditions (heat and cold) and varied roads and terrains (upslope and downslope, flyover- with load and without load). Hundreds of tests are performed to meet the high standards we have set out for ourselves and our customers. The end result is great performance and happy customers. We have over 350+ service centers spread strategically across India. We promise 3 years of warranty on the battery so that you can enjoy a seamless ownership experience.
Explore Ampere e-bike models that are varied and adapted for Indian roads (infographic with different types of bikes vs. their features)
Ampere Model Battery Speed Range Battery Type
Zeal High Speed Electric 50-55 km/h 75 km Li-Ion
Reo Comfort and Style 25 km /h 60-65 km Li-Ion/Lead Acid
V48 Youthful and Trendy 25 km /h 60-65 km Li-Ion/Lead Acid
Magnus Safety and Comfort 25 km /h 45-50 km Lead Acid
Ampere e-bike comes in four main variants- with robust designs, practical features and affordable options. They are the perfect combination of style and speed- lightweight, easy-to-use and ergonomic. Designed for today’s traffic conditions, Ampere Zeal is a high-speed electric that goes from 0 to 50 km/h in 6 seconds. It features tubeless tyres so that potholes and bad roads don’t stop you from getting on the road! When it comes to the bike batteries, recharging them has never been this easy. Zeal comes power packed with 60V, 30Ah Lithium-Ion battery that reaches a full charge in about 6 hours, which means you can charge your scooter at home or office, anytime, anywhere.
This changes the way you refuel, no more long lines at the petrol pump, no more worries over fluctuating petrol prices. Comfort, fast charging abilities, long life and high capacity for range- you asked for it and we built it. Ampere V48 is ideal for city roads- great acceleration for speed breakers, quick start during traffic signals and high capacity for range. It comes in two variants that offer two different batteries, Lithium-Ion battery and Lead Acid Battery. It can go for about 65 km in a single charge and reaches a full charge in about 5 hours.
Ampere Reo takes away the hassles of being a bike owner and makes commuting easy, be it to your work, college, or even a quick weekend getaway! It is big on both comfort and style so that you can bring the joy back in riding. The batteries on Reo can go about 65 km in a single charge and reaches a full charge in about 5 hours. Similar to V48, Reo comes in two variants that offer two different batteries, Lithium-Ion battery and Lead Acid Battery. Now, you don’t have to struggle with long distance city rides anymore. Ampere Magnus goes a long way, quite literally. It is designed to provide comfort and style to help you cover long distances regardless of the road conditions. So be it rain or shine- there is no stopping you. This bike can go about 45-50 km per charge and it reaches a full charge in about 8-10 hours. It comes with a Lead Acid Battery.
Advancing women in tech. We believe that top levels of leadership need collaboration, inclusion and policies that remove the barriers towards a comprehensive tech ecosystem. At Ampere, over 40 per cent of our workforce is made up of skilled and knowledgeable women. So be it tech, engineering, R&D or testing, every functional area employs women in different roles wherein diverse talent can incubate and thrive.
Powering an electric revolution! The market will soon have many offerings for electric vehicles and bikes. But what will differentiate Ampere from other players in the market is reliability and affordability. At Ampere, we don’t just build e-bikes and e-vehicles, but we build a superior riding experience for our customers and partners. So far, Ampere has sold over 50,000+ vehicles and this response is utterly overwhelming. Ampere is a result of passionate engineers meeting savvy designers. Every little detail counts and every vehicle is thoroughly tested before it reaches you so that we can deliver an ultimate bike ownership experience.
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