Care that Matters

Srinu, a truck driver, hardly gets time for himself. He resides in the city of Rajahmundhry, 200 kms away from the port of Vishakapatnam (Vizag), one of the busiest export hubs, which requires an uninterrupted supply of commodities. It takes dedicated tempo drivers like Srinu who work round the clock to make it a success. His profession comes with varied needs, which is why he owns two tempos with different fuel type and capacity. A profession like this with stringent delivery schedules needs drivers to battle harsh weathers. A day’s off would mean a loss of wages for Srinu. Being the sole bread earner for his family, he can’t really afford that. His daughter’s school fees, mother’s medicines and other household needs are entirely dependent on his work.
Just like any other father, for Srinu, his daughter’s smile means the world to him. He will travel countless miles and often work double shifts just for her happiness. When she wanted to join the class picnic, he didn’t say no! He let her go and geared up for multiple trips to recover the expenses. Illness or calamity – nothing could stop Srinu. Once, while Srinu was on his way to reach the port, a tropical cyclone had hit Vizag. Heavy storms and rain had brought many cities to halt, but Srinu was determined to make it to his destination. Unfortunately, his vehicle broke down and damaged the interiors of his tempo. Srinu couldn’t afford to rest. He waded through knee-length water and pushed his tempo till the nearest garage, powered by pure will. With water-logging, his vehicle was immersed & he was facing ‘starting problems’. Without losing more time, Srini headed out to find if his vehicle could be repaired in any nearest service garage.
The delay was delivering a huge blow to his finances. It made him ponder if there’s a place he could trust his vehicles with. Someone who understands the last mile mobility very well & provides genuine spares at reasonably affordable spares and in quick time. He quickly went through his papers & found out a small note which had the toll free no. He was diverted to the Greaves Care center in minutes & this outlet in turn swiftly ensured that the mechanic & the parts reach out to him to address his immediate need. The one-stop solution for service & repair need for the 3W & 4W cargo & passenger auto drivers, like Srinu, was here – Greaves Care outlet. Srinu’s vehicle was put back on road in less time ensuring he is back to his work & delivery again. Company-trained mechanics with enormous service experience become expert & they address the customer query quickly. It’s this philosophy of ensuring high uptime & maximizing on-road performance to boost revenue which drives the Greaves Care centers. Being the leader in the Last Mile Transport Automotive Industry, Greaves understands the on-street challenges, difficulties and needs of 3W & small 4W drivers & has designed services & solutions to take care of the customers with higher lifetime value.