Ampere’s New Battery Allows You To Refuel Your Bike From The Comfort Of Your Home

For a very long time, the concerns of range anxiety have been associated with electric vehicles or EVs. Fears around being stranded by an exhausted battery with no power source was a major reason why people were hesitant about electric vehicles. Range anxiety has been a common barrier for consumers around the world. One of the biggest myths about driving electric vehicles is unexpectedly running out of power, with no chance of a recharge to get back home.
However, with the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, range anxiety is now being replaced by charging anxiety. India is still in a nascent stage of adapting to electric vehicles. The number of charging stations and facilities is small but growing. With a higher demand for electric vehicles, automobile manufacturers are now investing in making charging stations accessible to consumers. But, thanks to innovation in battery technology, electric vehicles can now be charged at home or office, all you need is a plug point and electricity. Ampere harnessed this technology almost a decade ago and is playing a critical role in electrifying India. The batteries on Ampere e-bikes come with 3 years of warranty so that you can enjoy a seamless ownership experience. And it goes without saying, they are completely safe. Each bike and battery is tested fully and certified for quality and safety standards before dispatch. Now, you are empowered to refuel at home without having to worry about rising petrol prices or long queues at filling stations!
Interestingly, according to a report by MoveInSync, Indians travel less than 35 kms every day. So given that range has been one of the biggest hindrances for electric vehicles, it is certainly not a big issue as it once seemed. For covering shorter journeys, electric vehicles can, in fact, be the best option for getting around– you can commute and drive in an urban area to cover lower distances. There are a number of scenarios wherein charging your electric vehicle at home can prove to be very helpful. If you use an ICE vehicle, driving to a petrol pump to only find a big line of other drivers waiting to fuel up can be a common affair. But, with Ampere e-bikes, all you need is a socket, electricity and the bike charger to refuel your bike, or in better words, electrify your bike! Manish Naik, an Ampere customer for over a year now recently tweeted about his experience. He had fears around battery anxiety, running out of charge on his way to an important meeting or getting stranded in the middle of nowhere. But, with slight adaptations in his lifestyle he was able to enjoy a seamless Ampere ownership experience. In fact, the extra hour he saves up on refueling every other day has given him more time to pursue his hobbies! Naina Rawat, another Ampere customer can’t stop raving about her new Ampere Reo. Being able to refuel her bike overnight at home has made her day-to-day life easier to manage.
Since residential charging is inexpensive and convenient, most drivers prefer to do their charging at home. This allows the driver to make the most of easily available residential electricity rates. And since electricity rates tend to be more stable than non-renewable fuel alternatives like petrol or diesel, batteries can be charged at home, saving money and time. In fact, it is said that the cost of running your electric vehicle can be less than running an air conditioner. A survey conducted by Feedback Consulting found that 78% of CNG car users spend up to 30 minutes to refuel their cars every day during peak hours. The survey found that 78% of these CNG car users would prefer a re-charging solution in the comfort of their homes at night. One crucial advantage which electric vehicles have over conventional vehicles is that the fuel source here (electricity) is available at their home or offices and one need not always have to go out and get it from a public fuel retaining center, revealed the study. For short distance trips, which is by far the most common, if you recharge your electric vehicle batteries when at home or your workplace, range will never be a problem. Making a move from a conventional ICE to an electric vehicle requires a paradigm shift in the way we refuel. Think of it as opportunity charging when out and plugging in to completely charge when at home. So, now you can refuel your vehicle from the comfort of your home or office, without having to wait in line and with little to no interference to your daily schedule.
Fun fact : Charging an electric vehicle is similar to charging a mobile phone. You power it during the day if you need to and give it a full charge overnight at home. Depending on your needs and how you want to use your electric vehicle, you have two battery options to choose from, Li-Ion and Lead Acid. Each battery has its own advantages and it is important to choose the one that is most suitable to your lifestyle and requirements. To make it easy for you, let’s take a look at the different Ampere e-bikes available and the main characteristics of its batteries:
Ampere Model Battery Range Charging time
Zeal Li-Ion 75 km 5+ hours
Reo Li-Ion 55 to 60 km 5 to 6 hours
Lead Acid 45 to 50 km 8 to 10 hours
V48 Li-Ion 55 to 60 km 5 to 6 hours
Lead Acid 45 to 50 km 8 to 10 hours
Magnus Lead Acid 65 to 70 km 8 to 10 hours
Things to remember:
  • Keep a track of your EV’s range. And make a note of nearest charging points in and around your daily commute. So, if you fear running out of juice, you can easily power up on the go. Remember, electric vehicles never suddenly run out of charge. They will give constant reminders of the remaining estimated range. Ampere has over 350+ service centers in India spread across strategically where you can charge your Ampere bike while on the move. So speak to a representative to find out the nearest service center to you.
  • It is recommended to not charge the battery when it is half discharged and keep this option only in case of emergencies. This could deteriorate the lifespan and performance of the battery overtime.
  • Avoid overcharging your batteries since this too can affect performance. Lead Acid battery should not be charged for more than 10 hours and Li-Ion battery should not be charged for more than 8 hours.
  • Ampere batteries come with 3 years of warranty so that you can enjoy a seamless bike ownership experience.
Armed with this knowledge and data, the range and battery will never be a concern for you and you can confidentially make the move to switching your bike to an electric. With the new Ampere batteries, you are empowered to choose where and when you wish to recharge and from the comfort of your home Ampere e-bikes are driven by transformative and homegrown technology, curated by passionate engineers and is all set to revolutionalise the last mile e-mobility solutions with a wide range of energy-efficient products. Are you ready for the future of transportation?
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