Mr. Karan Thapar

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Mr. Karan Thapar

Chairman of the Board

Educational Qualifications: CA

“I strongly believe that our focused efforts and actions, combined with our superior products that are customised to evolving customer needs, will open up a plethora of growth opportunities for your Company, going forward. Our manufacturing strength, which has been pivotal to our growth stratagem, shall continue to steer our future progress as we scale up our operations and systems to match the pace of industry growth. The Company’s progressive journey shall continue to be steered by its people, who have always been our partners in growth. It has been our constant endeavour to attract and nurture people with the necessary skills and aptitude to meet the Company’s current and future goals. Our focus on building a positive and collaborative work culture shall continue to be a priority agenda for us in the years ahead.”


Managing companies, both private and public, having an interest in diversified areas